Country To Coast Cabling is proud to offer a complete range of CCTV security solutions for your business.

Country to Coast Cabling is certified to install and configure Milestone XProtect surveillance systems and Hills Security Equipment.

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    Analogue and IP Cameras
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    Networking and Switching
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    Video Analytics
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    Video Management Systems

Selecting the right system for your business

Country to Coast Cabling are experts in helping you to select the right equipment to protect your business.

Analogue Vs Digital

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Much the same as the old analogue TV stations and the newer digital stations, the era of analogue CCTV cameras is coming to an end. Digital camera technology is the future of CCTV and as a result, there are two types of CCTV systems. Recorders – NVR (the digital “Network Video Recorder”) and DVR (the analogue, ironically named, “Digital Video Recorder); and two types of Cameras.

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